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Hydraulic deep well ballast pump

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Hydraulic deep well ballast pump

Category : Deep well pump | NOV 29th,2017 

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Mainly used on board as ballast pump.



Explosion-proof: ballast pump operation site without electrical equipment, so can be absolutely explosion-proof.;

Stepless speed Regulation: hydraulic motor speed can be adjusted freely, so can be stepless speed regulation;

No overload: As it is hydraulic drive, there will be no overload problem and do not need to adjust the performance by export valve;

Any height: ballast pump running without intermediate coupling shaft, can not be limited by the cabin height;

With self-priming: ballast pump designed with self-contained self-priming functional structure, has good self-absorption capacity;

Easy to monitor: ballast pump shaft seal with a monitoring device, can be easily detect the seal is leaked or not on the deck;

Maintenance: ballast pump with easy to remove structure, pump can maintenance in the tank without be carried out.

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