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HG.2W Series twin screw pump

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HG.2W Series twin screw pump

Category : Twin Screw pump | SEP 9th,2013 

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Twin screw pump can transfer various fluid medium without solid, and high viscosity paste medium. Twin screw pump has wide availability and reliability, no matter lubricating or not, and no matter corrosion or medium with gas and liquids.

1. Capacity: 0.5-2000m3/h
2. Pressure: 0.1-3.0MPa
3. Viscosity: 0-100, 000Cst
4. Temperature: -30-300

The leading featrues of 2W series twin screw pump

①、Deliver arious medium smoothly without and disturbing and pulsation. There are med-ium to be pumped throughout in the working elements ad sealing liquid which guaranteed by the construction of pump casing. All of the pump possess high self priming ability and can deliver the liquid mixtured with gas or air.
②、The high suction perpormance ling very low NPSHr was guaranteed by the special design of pump.
③、Adopted the external bearing which lubricated individually, so can deliver various non-lubrication medium.
④、Adopted synchrinous  gear, there is on metallic contact between rotating parts, there is no dangerous even dry running in a short time.
⑤、Various construction completely such as horizontal, vertical and casing with liner, and so on. the pump can handle various clean liquid without solid grain, low or high vis-cosity medium, even can deliver some corrosive medium with a correct material selection.
⑥、Suction of the pump is at the flank and discharge is on the top, the pump has small cub-age, so it is especially used to the place of small space, such as ship.

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