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HG International Trade Part. | JUN 12th,2024 

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With the rapid development of the company and the continuous innovation of R & D technology, HG Machinery Group Co., Ltd. continues to expand the domestic and international markets, and get the affirmation and admiration of foreign customers. 11 June Mr. Peter from the Netherlands made professional communication and exchanges idea with us about our products, technology and equipment.



We provided customers with a detailed introduction to the company's product line, technical features, and market competitive advantages. In order to help customers better understand our production capacity and quality, we take him to visit our workshops and warehouses, so that Mr. Peter can have a direct understanding of our process flow and product quality. The customer expressed strong interest in our product and had in-depth discussion on product performance and other aspects.


The customer highly admired HG group's excellent working environment, advanced process equipment, and rigorous production process, and conducted discussion on the cooperation between the two parties. Hope to have the opportunity to expand market areas together in cooperation, achieve complementary win-win development.