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Four major trends in the worlds machinery manufacturing industry forecast

admin | JUL 22th,2013 

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"The world's machinery manufacturing industry covering the household appliances, auto parts, factory equipment and construction machinery and many other areas, the annual production value of up to $ 1 trillion, according to expert analysis, machinery manufacturing industry in the future development, there are four important trends will have a major impact. "

A mechanical manufacturing technology integration

In many areas of machinery manufacturing, electronic controls and software technology has become as important as with mechanical engineering. German grid of Bach Machinery Manufacturing Company is the world's largest glass factory producing glass for large processing systems company, is currently the company's software control devices, electronic mechanical device whose output value accounted for 1/3.

Second, the mechanical manufacturing services thinking

From the elevator to the factory equipment and other fields, to increase the profits of the manufacturer is no longer a fixed size because production of products, but requires manufacturers can produce products according to the requirements of users in order to meet the user's individual specific needs. In addition, companies also through repair or service in order to increase output, and promote the development of productive service.

Three, machinery manufacturing global product development

Enterprise product development, not in Zijin's behind closed doors, but in the face open public platform and social resources. As America's largest appliance maker Whirlpool Corp. engineers by 2000 global product development team was reorganized to brainstorm new product development, shorten the development time for some products.

Four, machinery manufacturing production strategy update

Including printing machinery, etc., in a number of industries, machinery manufacturing in the automotive industry to borrow ideas, put into different markets with different products based on the same basic engineering structures above and then late in the manufacturing process to modify the design, so the product can adapt to specific customer groups.