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Chinas shipbuilding industry overcapacity volume of orders drop 80 13

admin | JUL 22th,2013 

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Since the outbreak of the global financial crisis, a sharp decline in the shipping market, nearly six consecutive years of international shipbuilding market booming market came to an end. Chinese ship industry situation is grim, increasingly fierce market competition, China Shipbuilding Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Jin Lian today at the Third Asian shipbuilding industry summit, said the orders difficult, delivery and financing difficulties shipwrecked three difficult situation has not changed, especially orders difficult, this year from January to September, China's shipbuilding enterprises orders situation and last year a decrease of 80%.

Overcapacity enough to go around

Asia is the world's leading shipbuilding region, Japan and South Korea shipbuilding accounted for 90% of total world shipbuilding over the financial crisis, the Asian shipbuilding become the hardest hit regions. The Chinese shipbuilding enterprises in large numbers, the problem of excess production capacity significantly.

It is understood that China's shipbuilding capacity of about 66 million dwt. Accordance with the "ship industrial restructuring and revitalization plan" put forward in 2011 China's shipbuilding shipbuilding capacity of the world's more than 35% of the target market capacity of China's shipbuilding industry in the 35 million to 4000 million tons, of which 70% of exports, domestic shipping market demand of about 1,000 tons. By then, China has built the infrastructure for shipbuilding will appear over a third of overcapacity.

On the one hand is excess capacity, on the one hand orders difficult. According to Jin-Lian, and now more than half of our country since the financial crisis in the shipyard did not receive orders. Ships delivery is also very difficult, Shanghai, Shandong and other places of business are reflected withdrawals, renegotiate contracts and require ships retrofit often happen. Some emerging shipyards lack of orders, many shipyards next year there will be underemployed, China's shipyards average orderbook is South Korea's fifth, while Japan's industrial concentration is even higher. Demand exceeds supply, will inevitably cause throat price competition.