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Machinery industry exports remained sluggish domestic demand recovery machine waiting

admin | JUL 22th,2013 

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A quarter of the industry to pick up, costs began to decline. According to the statistics show that in January and February , the machinery industry boom in the first quarter rebounded. A quarter of the actual growth rate of fixed asset investment continued to rise , PMI and other leading indicators also indicates that industry fundamentals have signs of warming .

A quarter corporate Basic digested expensive inventory, production costs began to decline in 2009 industry gross margin will be improved.

Construction machinery : expected to pick up the chain of negative growth year on year , waiting for the pulling effect of infrastructure investment .

According 1-2 month sales data, the industry appeared to pick up the ring than negative growth , sluggish export performance , the domestic market is better than the overseas markets. One , two quarters of negative growth to positive growth in the second half , which has become the market consensus . Pull effect of infrastructure investment may go to the end of the second quarter or in the second half was able to appear. Second quarter, investment in infrastructure we need to wait patiently pulling effect of the show . Besides the real estate market continued to pick up in the second half to the industry may bring new demands.

Concerned about the engineering machinery enterprises. Investment strategy, we recommend Sany, Zoomlion , XCMG three leading enterprises. Leading product lines more whole, subject to a single product sales was less affected. More important is the leading enterprise product complete, comprehensive strength strong decline in product sales in the original case, it is possible to adjust the product structure, adding new products to extend the industrial chain, and other methods to achieve revenue growth .

Machine tool industry : Focus on industrial upgrading and import substitution . February recovery in the machine tool industry , machine tool industry, automotive industry 's largest customer , in many policy driven by signs of obvious.

Overall, we believe that in 2009 it is difficult to get rid of machine tool manufacturing industry overall downturn trend. China's machine tool output value in price and increasing the rate of NC machine tool industry product mix driven by demand in the market , there have been constantly upgrading and optimization, and electrical energy , railway equipment , aerospace, construction machinery and other high-end machines for large industry is still has a lot of demands. Industrial upgrading and import substitution will be our focus areas .

Focus on the production of large , high-end machine tools leading enterprises. That has been our point of view , a large , high-end machine tool products meet the industry trend of industrial upgrading and the development direction of import substitution , in addition to leading enterprises can more enjoy the country's policies. We recommend Kunming Machine Tool , Qinchuan development two special machines of leading enterprises.