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HG Machinery Group holds overseas engineer training courses to escort the global equipment operation

Léa | JUN 6th,2024 

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In order to achieve localization of global after-sales service, enhance the professional level of overseas engineering teams, and strengthen the international market competitiveness of the enterprise. HG Machinery Group Co., Ltd. conducted a 3-day training for two service engineers from the Singapore after-sales service center in early June.


This training combines theoretical teaching and practical operation. The course mainly focuses on the theoretical learning and system operation of HG Machinery Group's key products such as deep well pumps and screw pumps, and shares multiple comprehensive contents such as technical support and after-sales service processes. This training will help overseas engineers solidify their professional foundation, strengthen their maintenance and service management abilities, and provide customers with better quality services.


        (Two service engineers from Singapore disassembled and installed deep well cargo pump and twin screw pump under the guidance)


After the completion of the training, Mr. Chen Guangliang, the Chairman of HG Machinery Group, presented the training completion certificate to the two service engineers from India and Myanmar.

A high-quality after-sales service is the key to a company's core competitiveness, and the technical service ability of overseas engineers represents the service image and ability of HG Machinery Group. In the future, HG Machinery Group will continue to strengthen the construction of overseas engineering teams to bring comprehensive service and experience to global customers.